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Why we adopted a Down Syndrome child

Why we adopted a Down Syndrome child

Guest post by Lifesong Adoption Matching Grant recipient 2019, Down syndrome Advocate, and Writer. Ellie Sanazaro.

“Your daughter’s test results came back Normal.”

“I’m sorry. Can you say that again?”

As the voice on the telephone spoke, I was stunned and disbelieved. 6 months earlier, my OB/GYN had told me, “The test detected an extra X chromosome.” Those words had set my husband and me on a journey we never expected: becoming special needs parents.

Or so we thought.

Six months of preparation, research, and prayer were required. In an instant, everything was done. We would not welcome a child who has special needs into our home. Rosalie, our daughter was born with the 46 chromosomes we expected, rather than the 47 we were told.

We were thrilled, relieved, as well as overwhelmed. Confused

Hadn’t God been working in our hearts over the past 6 months?
Didn’t we feel Him preparing and equipping us for this unique parenting journey?
Even in the sorrow, hadn’t we felt His purpose and peace as He called us to parent a child with a chromosomal disorder?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Yet, we were. We figured maybe we’d just been wrong and moved on, loving our girl.

So I Googled “Down syndrome…

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