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Working for Her Independence


In January 2022, the renovation project began at Casa Caleb (formerly Hope Home), in Mexico. It was being renovated to accommodate Transition Program students. They would learn how to live independently and manage their time, finances, work load, and money. Later in the year, Kleo*, a young woman Back2Back serves, moved into the Transition Program and into the newly updated home in May as the first young adult in the new program.

Magda Castilla is the Transition Program Coordinator and oversees the girls living in this Transition home. She helped Kleo to create a plan that included short, medium and long-term goals.

“One of the goals Kleo set for herself was to study at a secondary school and find a part time job,” explained Magda. Kleo met both those goals in two months. She will graduate from secondary school and then enter high school to continue her education.

“Kleo has worked hard to make sure her schedule and activities are stable and consistent; she has maintained a job at a local smoothie shop and shows great growth,” shared Magda.

A few of her other goals were to better budget her finances, cover  transportation expenses and…

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